Debt Recovery

At LawBiz we believe that clients seeking debt recovery services can obtain the best services from our law firm. Whilst we are located in NSW we are specialists in debt recovery in all Australian jurisdictions and can carry out the procedures in an efficient and effective manner.

The greatest threat to debtors, including individuals and companies is the service of a writ. Phone calls can be avoided, letters from you ignored. It is a letter of demand from a lawyer that is most effective.

At LawBiz our letters of demand explain to debtor companies and individuals that if legal proceedings are required to be instituted against them those proceedings will include a claim for interest on the debt and a claim for the costs of the proceedings to be paid by the debtor. In our experience our letters of demand have significant prospects of success. If they are not successful then clients are urged to proceed immediately to a summons.

We issue a letter of demand and then you sue. 30 – 50% of debtors will respond to a well crafted letter of demand. If their proposal is unsatisfactory you proceed to a writ. It is as simple as that.

If you have a costs recoverable clause in your contract you can recover all of your legal fees. If you don’t, you will generally recover two thirds of your legal fees.

Hourly Rates

Because our practice is located outside of the Sydney CBD our hourly rates are 30% lower than the standard rates charged by most Sydney Law Firms practising in commercial law and commercial litigation in Sydney.

We deliver practical cost effective legal advice. Our rates are generally 30% lower than the rates charged by most commercial law firms

Always Have Costs Clauses In Your Contracts

A contract can be a very simple one paragraph piece of paper and if you are selling something or supplying a service you should always have one.

When you get on a bus you get a ticket with terms and conditions on the back. If you are selling goods or services you should always have a contract and the terms of the contract can even be included on your written quote or in your invoice if it is given prior to the other party’s agreement to pay you the fee. You can then have written in your contract a clause that provides for all costs of recovery of any outstanding debt to be claimable from the debtor. The clause must be well prepared but it is fairly brief and will allow you to recover more legal fees and other expenses that you have incurred then you otherwise would.

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